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Guys, how does one go about setting up their own website?

Come April of 2012 I will have completed my bachelor of fine art, and I feel like ought to have something to show for it - other than a terribly named flickr account and a probably embarrassing blog.

Just something simple to display a few series of works, along with a short bio and contact info would be nice. Is it expensive? Where do I go? I need answers!

(I feel like I should know these things, coming from such a field - but I don’t.)

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  1. ytomatoboi said: If you want, I can host your site for free. Just get your own domain name and you can have it forwarded~
  2. fingolfin said: If you want to have your own server and stuff, yeah, it can get expensive. My network (that I’ve recently shrunk thankfully) costs me about $200/year in server costs and domains names. As others have pointed out, there are lots of free options.
  3. rommy said: CargoCollective, 4ormat, Tumblr. Don’t go or Blogger.
  4. hifas said: Cargocolletive, wordpress if you knew html, tumblr would be a good option too.
  5. sunrec said: *photographers
  6. shawnwich said: i would buy a domain and have it direct to a wordpress.
  7. lowbidinal said: Register a Domain (13-20 bucks a year), start an account on Squarespace or Wix or something of the sort, link the two and you’re golden!
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